Our Approach

It’s why we’re in business, why we work, and how we pursue excellence.

CORE /kɔːr/: A purpose to achieve strength in diversity.”

Path of Success

We continue to diversify our businesses through mature equity transfers and encouraging new investors.

Using knowledge, enthusiasm, and business savvy.

We anticipate beneficial outcomes from risk assessment and resource management.

The path isn’t a straight line It’s Spiral

Core’s Sectors

Assets Management

Benefits that raise wealth over time through acquiring, maintaining, and trading investments. As portfolio managers or financial advisors, we empower our clients with our services.

Air Cargo

CORE is expanding its cargo business footprint by acquiring Cargo Terminal & awarded as Qatar Airways – Cargo GSA. The first FEDAXA member in Sudan.

Agri & Livestock

With an emphasis on product quality and sustainability, we maintain a system that satisfies the needs of our agricultural and livestock customers. Our network extends throughout the region and is rapidly expanding globally.

Exports & Trade

By taking a reverse step in the business line, we name ourselves exports’ developers. We explore markets, discovering client needs, and developing products that meet  those demands.