About Core

CORE’s history is replete with success, dating back to 2000 as a financial consulting firm, Advance Business Consultancy, from which it sprang out as one of Sudan’s most expanding privately-owned conglomerates engaged in diverse activities locally and regionally.
CORE is one of the fastest growing asset management firms in the region.

Core's Vision

CORE’s Vision was developed internally. It begins with listening to our hearts’ wishes and picturing that possibility.

CORE is unrelenting in its commitment to bringing that vision to life, to putting it out there.

CORE is on top of every global business credential list.”

Core's Mission

CORE has the freedom and strength to invest in people and technology with utmost devotion.
CORE is committed to long-term customer relationships and great results.

"Focuses on long-term results through high-quality, stable, and diversified business activity."

Core of Conduct

CORE sees sustainable development as a future imperative. To ensure long-term prosperity and value for our community, we incorporate environmental, social, and ethical principles.
Our everyday business and company practices are governed by environmental and societal values to leave a positive impact that contributes to the desired transformation in the places we operate on.

The key to UNDERSTANDING the future is one word: SUSTAINABILITY